Exclusive Wearable Art Luxe Drop Earrings

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European brand Désjà Vu have designed and made these exquisite earrings; presented in a luxury box with a card and quirky poem of the design.

Crafted with lightweight brushed gold plating, these delightful oval earrings measure 6cm x 3 cm and are handmade in a limited edition for maximum exclusivity - we have just one of each pair available!

Experience light, comfortable elegance with these eye-catching wearable art earrings that make a simply perfect gift.

NB these come with a little poem inspired by the painting that was done for the print - we think perhaps a little is lost in translation for some of them, but it maybe adds to the quirky charm! If you're gifting these then we'd suggest checking out the poem in advance to check it conveys what you'd like ;)