Flamingo Enamel Pendant

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We're so so excited to get our hands on some of legendary jeweller Bill Skinner's pieces in the boutique, and we promise to try and leave some of it for our wonderful customers.

Designed and handmade by Bill's UK Studio Team, these semi-fine jewellery pieces are both beautiful and eye-catching, and are presented in a beautiful satin storage bag with ribbon tie and double inner pocket; perfect for transporting a jewellery set, and ready to gift to a loved one!

Gorgeously dainty, this incredibly detailed flamingo has been gold plated and then carefully hand-painted with the most vibrant, gorgeous enamel. The almost iridescent sheen of the enamel coupled with the gold plating really brings that gorgeous plumage to life.

Did you know the collective term for Flamingoes is a Flamboyance? Now you do - check out the matching enamel flamingo drop earrings to furnish yourself in a fabulous Flamboyance!

Pendant measures approx 3cm x 1cm, on a 46cm chain that has 5cm extra to play with for your perfect fit.