1980s Glitter Hair Combs

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Oh boy! We've been ever so lucky to get our hands on an amazing collection of Deadstock (which is the name for new, unused, vintage items!) hair combs from the early 80s, and we can't wait to share them with you so you can create some sparkly, rainbow hair styles that have more than a little nostalgic nod to the much loved bright colours of the 80s and all our favourite colourful characters from then.
Think Carebears, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony (the original ones, of course) and the classic Barbie/Sindy look, or just add an easy pop of colour to match your retro outfit, as these darlings work wonderfully with 50s style too.
Plus you've the added bonus of them being brilliant for holding back those wispy side bits when you've popped a high ponytail in.

Made from plastic embedded with glitter, and featuring scallop cloud edges, we have a limited run of these genuine vintage pieces, which are in superb condition. Presented in pairs, we have red, blue, green, yellow and a fabulous 80s style neon pink.

Grab a pair (or two!) or, for a limited time only, a box containing a pair of each colour. These boxes are the original packaging for the items from around 40 years ago, so have some signs of yellowing from the age, however the combs inside are unaffected and ready to finally be worn by someone!

Made in Hong Kong

Measure 4cm x 7cm each comb.