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One Hundred Stars is a small, family run business with a strong sense of ethics that produces luxurious bags, scarves, gowns, and headbands in a range of stunning botanical and map prints. They are committed sustainable practices in terms of both the materials they use and the people they employ to make their unique fashion items and we adore how these ethics line up with our own. One Hundred Stars even design their gorgeous garments with sustainability in mind, making sure that there are the right off cuts to create their beautiful range of headbands! We are, of course, beyond excited to have some fresh stock from this pretty brand with a good heart. The One Hundred Stars range has a subtle 1920s feel to it which is at once demure, distinctive, and just divine! In our collection are gowns, kimonos, scarves, headbands, and throwover tops all silky-soft to the touch and a delightful addition to any wardrobe. Read on to discover the One Hundred Stars range, which is available online and in our Gosport boutique.

First up, we’d like to talk to you about their canvas bags. We need to talk to you about them. They’re so pretty and they fit so much in them that we think it would be a crime to withhold this information. Measuring in at 20 inches deep (excluding the 25" shoulder strap) these bags are made using 100% cotton. We love a little versatility and these bags do not disappoint. They are perfectly suited to transporting your shopping. These bags are also pretty enough that you can use them as an everyday bag and will fit your purse and keys as well as just about anything else you think to bring along with you without feeling bulky and awkward. The Paris Map Canvas Bag features an adorable vintage style map of Paris on handy tote with a million uses – I’m sure I could fit my laptop in one of these beauties… perhaps I’ll have to have one for myself, purely in the interest of science, of course! Us Dolls love this bag and think it pairs well with your favourite trousers (and maybe even one of our crepe shrugs) for some understated casual glam.

New in we have the Stork Print range which is available in a gown, a headband, and a scarf. We really do adore this print. These items have been crafted from a silky soft blend of 50% modal and 50% viscose which gives a gossamer-like feel and has the added benefit of being more sustainable. This print is available in a gorgeously delicate pink and a stunning orange which is full of class. Miss Sam is wearing the Storks Gown with the matching headband. Tied using the matching crepe belt, this gown works well as a housecoat, and untied this gorgeous gossamer-esque gown gives Miss Sam’s vintage look some extra glamour! The beautiful headwraps from One Hundred Stars are one size and have an elastic panel at the back to keep them in place whether you’re lounging at home or out on the town. They feature a darling wrapped knot effect that can be worn off-centre or centre if you prefer to keep your look symmetrical. We feel like we need to mention again that these headbands are the product of careful planning from the clever folks at One Hundred Stars and are made entirely from the end-cuts of their fabric rolls. We also love the Luxury Eccentric Blooms Gown - if you’re looking for some vintage fashion to give you some extra confidence, then this gown is definitely it. Miss Sam pairs it with our Sassy Tie Top ( in Mustard to contrast the beautiful Teal colour and floral arrangement of this pretty gown.











Though we are but wee (for now), us Dolls at Voluptuous Vintage are committed to doing good in whatever ways we can, and we like to make sure that the brands we select for our lovely customers also uphold this ideal. One Hundred Stars are in their fourth year working in collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They give a percentage of their sales from this collaborative to support work carried out at Kew researching climate change and looking at ways to continue conservation efforts and preserve many natural habitats. You can shop the full Kew range here. But the sustainability doesn’t stop there! Let’s take a quick science break to talk about AZO dyes. They are compounds which essentially make it possible to dye fabrics at a lower temperature whilst still producing a wide range or vibrant colours which won’t run in the wash. This makes it easier and cheaper to produce a specific finish. Sounds great, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, some AZO dyes form chemical compounds called aromatic amines. According to, these compounds ‘do not degrade under natural environmental conditions’ and can be bad for our health. This is potentially less safe for people involved in the dyeing process, and then on top of that can pose a threat to the environment, too. Basically, it’s probably not ideal to wear clothes that have been dyed in this way. It’s reassuring to know that the lovely folks at One Hundred Stars avoid this process at all costs in their India-based factory, which also pays a living wage and regularly undergoes strict checks to maintain the highest safety and well-being standards. If that’s not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is!


We always love the prints from One Hundred Stars, and we simply adore the new prints this season. In addition to the Stork print, we also have a couple of elegant East Asian inspired prints. The darling blue and ivory hues of the Luxury Giant Willow Scarf are easy to pair with a variety of colours. As the name suggests, this beauty measures a 100cmx200cm, so you can get creative with your knots or wear this versatile scarf over your shoulders. This scarf is perfect for experimenting with some new knots and we found this video super helpful in picking our favourites and learning how to perfect them! In addition to the willow print, we also have a gorgeous range of items in a ‘wave’ print which is inspired by the famous print, ‘Under the Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai. In this range we have scarves, headbands, gowns, and even an adorably flattering mini kimono! These are vintage fashion in a unique sense – the original artwork that inspired this print was created in the early 1800s and is considered a classic piece of Japanese art. Us Dolls particularly like the kimono paired with our Tessa 40s Swing Pants in Navy and our luxurious Valentina Flats in Red for a bold contrast.




Whether you’re a vintage fashion aficionado or you prefer something a little more modern and casual, adding something from our One Hundred Stars range is an easy way to add some unique glamour to your look. This environmentally minded brand isn’t just better for the planet, it’s good for your wardrobe!

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