Enjoy careful, individualised fitting, just like a Hollywood Starlet.

This is not just another random sizing method.  Please hear us out.

We’ve all been there.  We’ve all felt stressed knowing we are one size in one store and then find we need a whole different other size in a different store. It can be frustrating and utterly disappointing.  So why does this happen?

Since the 1950s, there has not been any standardised sizing groups or measurements taken from a cross section of women, despite the many lifestyle changes spanning these decades and inevitable impact this would have on our bodies and shapes.  Manufacturers have adjusted their patterns as they’ve gone along, but each manufacturer has developed each company line in isolation.  That is why you may find you’re a size 12 in Jaeger but need a 14 in All Saints.  Or a 16 in Aquascutum won’t go near you but a 16 in Evans drowns you. It’s no mystery, just a lack of communication between corporations.  Some adopt sizing from decades ago rigorously and some opt for vanity sizing. But none of them are consistent. Not to mention the utter headache of trying to convert your sizing to that of another country.

We are on a mission to change that.  We know how to make you look good whatever your measurements, and we’ve taken all the guess work out of sizing.  No more ordering two sizes to see which will fit!

Through two extensive years of research, measuring women of different ages and sizes, we have developed our own sizing system, based on the real shapes and measurements of modern women. Every single garment that comes through our doors is hand measured to our own system.  Guaranteeing that once you know what your size is with us, every garment in that size will fit you regardless of where it’s manufactured or if it’s new vintage or old vintage.  The best bit?  Your size isn’t a number.  Because you are not a number.  And, let’s face it, regardless of what size we are, we all HATE the numbers – even though they’re virtually meaningless.  At Voluptuous Vintage, your sizing is the name of Hollywood Star from eras gone by.  So are you a Marilyn or an Audrey? Maybe you’re a Grace? Use our handy little calculator to find out and get ready to get glamourous.

Yvonne 29/30 22/23 31/32
Zelda 31/32/33 24/25 33/34
Audrey 33/34/35 26/27 34/36
Bette 35/36/37 28/29/30 37/38
Clara 37/38 29/30/31 39/40/41
Dorothy 38/39 32/33/34 42/43/44
Esther 40/41 34/35/36 45/46/47
Faye 42/43/44 37/38 48/49
Grace 44/45/46 38/39 49/50
Hedy 46/47/48 40/41 51/52/53
Ingrid 49/50/51 42/43 53/54/55
Judy 52/53/54 44/45 55/56
Katharine 54/55/56 46/47 57/58
Lauren 57/58 47/48 59/60
Marilyn 59/60 48/49 60/61
Norma 61/62 50/51 61/62


If you’re still having trouble working out which of our starlets you are, check out our blog post which takes you through a rough conversion to UK, US and EU sizes.