Retro Revibe - the best outfit already exists!

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We're truly excited to bring this new concept to Voluptuous Vintage, and it has been Mrs Darling's baby for some time now (many years in development). So let's introduce you to Retro Revibe!

As we all know, it's more important than ever to consider just where the things we buy have come from, and you'll have seen that ethos from us in our championing of sustainable brands, curating of slow fashion pieces, and - of course - our authentic vintage items.

However, until now there hasn't really been as much of an option for those who don't want to buy new for ethical or sustainability reasons, but find the curated genuine vintage pieces either too pricey or simply too tricky to take care of; looking after a 70 year old dress can be a little more complicated than popping it in the wash and just throwing it back in the wardrobe!

Retro Revibe intends to bridge the gap between our Authentic Vintage and Vintage Inspired portfolios for those who like the vintage looks, but would prefer to buy preloved and also pay less.
Perhaps you're just starting out on your vintage style wardrobe and are after a few pieces to build with, or you'd love to someday own one of the gorgeously curated items from the 40s and 50s but don't feel quite ready for a steamer and specialist storage solutions; Revibe items are from the last twenty years and were originally bought due to their retro feel, and have now been hand picked, ready for their next adventure.

Several of the items we've carefully curated to sit between our Authentic and Inspired collections are deadstock, and the others are preloved and in superb condition.
Whereas before you'd have to wade through countless thrift and charity shops to try and find that unicorn item that's both the style you want and in your size, the hard work has been done for you with Retro Revibe.

As we grow our business at Voluptuous Vintage it has always been our desire to nurture a kinder, more sustainable approach to the fashion industry. Aiming for a more Cyclical approach to clothing in general, we are so proud to be introducing Revibe to you so that you can take part in the next chapter of these items' stories.

Some day we expect to see some of our past Vintage Inspired stock coming back through Retro Revibe to continue its journey in the collection and help make vintage style accessible and affordable to all.

With Retro Revibe the best outfit already exists!


We have used a standard XS-5XL+ measurement to keep it simple, as we know sizing varies between brands: this equates to the tag size on the garment (UK6-30/US4-26 etc.)
If there is a tag size, we mention this in the description so if you are familiar with the brand you will have an idea of how it might fit. These items are not measured to the VV system as it's not cost effective for us to do, so but you can request measurements of any Revibe garment if unsure prior to purchase.

Coming Soon

For the next stage in the Retro Revibe rollout, we anticipate inviting customers to bring or send preloved items for appraisal and, if suitable, be offered a store credit price to spend on any of our Inspired, Authentic or Revibe Range. Make sure you are on our newsletter list to get these exciting updates as soon as we launch them.



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