Three Exciting New Jewellery Brands With an Eye on the Environment

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We are so beyond excited to announce the arrival of three fabulous new jewellery brands to the boutique and online store! We are committed to reducing the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet with small, measurable steps every day. That’s why we have hand selected these brands for their beautiful, timeless designs and dedication to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion manufacturing process.

At Voluptuous Vintage, we believe that anything we buy should be a lasting addition to our wardrobe and should be available to all budgets. That’s why we’re excited that these brands place an emphasis on sustainability, meaning you can invest in these pretty accessories and enjoy them for years to come. So, without further ado, let us introduce our three newest accessory brands...

First up we have Esa Evans, an independent designer based in Whitstable who collaborates with other artists and describes her style as being ‘inspired by seaside sisterhood and all out escapism’. They use sustainable materials like stainless steel, which they laser cut to give a precise, clean finish to their pieces. Stainless steel is widely known for its durability - it’s scratch proof, waterproof, and hypoallergenic - the earrings from this collection all feature a hypo-allergenic post, too. So your pretties will hopefully last an age and will be gentle on your skin. What’s more is that all Esa Evans jewellery also comes packaged in an adorable box made from card, so, whilst the jewellery you purchase may well last a lifetime, you can be confident that the packaging most definitely won’t. Here are just a few of the pieces we think you’ll love:

  • The Chakra necklace is a colourful but subtle nod to the art of mindfulness, which is definitely something we could all use more of. We love the cheerful simplicity of this piece. 
The beautiful chakra necklace up close
  • The precision cut font on The Disco pendant gives a sharp disco feel that will make you do a little dance - plus, you'll sparkle whilst you're doing it! this pendant is available in polished stainless steel, 18k plated gold, and 18k plated rose gold for an authentically disco glitz.

The Disco Pendant, with its fabulously 70s font

  • Coated in oxidised titanium, the Seagull petrol earrings showcase the precise and science-y side of this brand’s unique production technique. We’re not exactly sure how it happens, but the magical titanium finish on these earrings gives a glorious rainbow of colour which shifts and changes with different light.

The Seagull Petrol Studs in all their glory

  • We’ve discussed the precision of this brand a lot, but we love how this level of detail also gives way to some cutesy designs, like the feather earrings, which are delightfully dainty with a modern twist. 

The delicate Feather earrings

Next up, we have Jennifer Loiselle. Jennifer is an independent London designer with a focus on fun, colour and quality. Their style is a modern take on the vintage bakelite and lucite styles which originated between the 1930s-1960s, but are most often associated with the the 50s. Jennifer uses modern materials and techniques which give a fresh take on a vintage classic. Each piece is laser cut by hand and combines durable acrylic or mirror acrylic with Swarovski crystal detailing and semi-precious stones. All pieces are lovingly hand-made in their London studio. We love the smooth, substantial feel of these pieces and their ability to make any outfit extra special. Just a few of the fabulous pieces we have in stock are:

  • The Shaken Not Stirred Martini Brooch - what better way to tell people that, yes, of course you'd like another drink than with a brooch that pays homage to your favourite tipple? The mirror finish acrylic on this piece is really eye-catching and it can be worn just about everywhere on your outfit!

Now you can wear your favourite drink!

  • If you’re feeling a little prickly (perhaps after a night out wearing the martini brooch!) let people know with the gorgeous Desert Cactus Brooch. We love the mirrored green hue used on this piece! The emerald green emerald green erinite Swarovski Crystals add some extra sparkle and are gloriously tactile for those of us who can’t resist touching the jewellery we have on. Pair this with the darling the Rita Cacti dress for all-out desert glam!

We Love the luxe feel that the Swarovski Crystals give the Cactus Brooch

  • The Ice Cream Brooch is all things fun and flavoursome. With a mix of white and gold acrylic Perspex forming the ice cream and some gloriously mirrored sprinkles, this brooch will give you that summer feeling all year round! We just adore this brooch paired with the Trixie Gingham Pastel dress. 

We just love the mirrored sprinkles on the ice cream brooch!

Last, but by no means least, we are pleased to introduce Big Metal. This London based company places a heavy focus on sustainability and we are so here for it. They recycle waste spectacle frames into some of the trendiest, understated glam you’ve ever seen. Their metals are at least 50% recycled brass and all of their products are hand-made, hypoallergenic, and nickel free. We also stock some of Big Metal’s demi-fine creations which are crafted from recycled brass and then plated in either gold or silver and feature some truly magnificent hand cut crystal stones. Whilst their demi-fine pieces are reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, all of the Big Metal items we stock have a timeless feel to them. We have a really broad selection of Big Metal jewellery as we struggled to pick our favourites and knew you would too, but we’ll give you an overview of a few of our faves:

  • With a classic and ever on-trend three quarter hoop shape and a two-tone iridescence, the Celia earrings have a shimmery two-tone iridescence which catches the light from all angles. These earrings are available in three superb colourways: pink, green-pink, and blue. Whether you pair these with some some vintage fashion, like the Moana South Pacific Jumpsuit, or even your favourite t-shirt and jeans, you’re sure to sparkle all day long!

The Celia two-tone earrings in the green-pink colourway (also pictured: the Charlotte Resin Hoop Earrings)

  • We just have to talk about the Petra Matte Resin Square earrings - and yes, our very own Miss Petra very much approves of these! In a deliciously matte lucky green which is reminiscent of the Bakelite and Lucite earrings of the 1960s, these earrings are unmatched in their versatility! Whilst their green tone and Bakelite-esque feel give them a mid-century modern feel (with little a nod to the atomic era for good measure), the shape of these earrings was also revisited frequently in 1980s jewellery. These earrings are perfect for the vintage fashionista who simply cannot choose a favourite era. Pair with the Caterina Atomic Swing dress and one of our super soft petticoats for ultra 60s vibes, or go full 80s and pair with the Margot Brights Midi Dress for some green-on-green fun.

The Petra square earrings

  • If boho neutrals are your thing then the Anais Allure earrings will perfectly complete your look! These earrings combine teardrop and square shaped glass which has been carefully hand-cut. The delicate crystal pink stones and gold plated settings give them a timeless feel which lends elegance to outfits from any era. We love these earrings with our Norma Jean Old Hollywood dress, but think they’ll look equally darling dressed down with a fuzzy wool jumper and your favourite jeans!

The Anais Earrings have a timeless appeal

As the zero-waste chef Anne-Marie Bonneau rightly put it: ‘We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’ We are delighted to introduce these three fantastic brands who champion this ideal by placing sustainable, eco-friendly materials and practices at the heart of what they do.  Be sure to check out our website for the full range of products available from these three darling brands. We can’t wait to see the outfits you create with them!

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