Our Newest Addition: Luxurious Hosiery from Ballerina's Secret

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Mrs Darling has been busy scoping out new stock and potential new brands to bring to our loyal customers. So, suffice it to say that we were beyond excited when Mrs Darling told us about hosiery brand Ballerina’s Secret. We are even more excited to announce the arrival of this new brand into the boutique and our online shop this autumn! Ballerina’s secret is small Polish vendor who specialises in high quality stockings, tights, and hold-ups with a modern, sensual twist on some classic vintage looks. Their stockings work perfectly with our vintage fashion, and they have styles to suit a variety of eras for those of us who just can’t pick one! And, much the same as our own commitment to making your figure fabulous, the Ballerina’s Secret ethos is refreshingly straightforward: beautiful tights and stockings for women of all ages and sizes.

We are committed to bringing you beautiful vintage inspired fashion which has been made in as ethical a way as possible and this unique selection of hosiery definitely fits the bill. These fancy tights are made from durable, soft Lycra in an Italian factory which has been operating for over 100 years and are produced from hand-drawn designs created in Poland. This whole process means that this gorgeous hosiery doesn’t travel halfway across the world only to be put on and laddered within 10 minutes – needless to say we love anything that slows fashion down so that we can enjoy our pretties that little bit longer! We’ve all been in that situation where we are forced to buy yet another pair of high street tights. You’re in a hurry and as if by some magic – or curse – your tights seem to sprout a ladder which spans the entire length of your leg. There’s no way to make it look intentional, and in that moment, you are overcome with a sense of dread because you have somewhere to be and you must look presentable. Luckily, these beauties are crafted using a blend of Lycra and microfiber which give a striking visual appearance and is super soft comfort for an all-day wear that feels barely-there tights, all whilst being a durable 20 denier. A fresh take on the classic seamed stocking, the Luxury Contrast Back Seam Stripe Tights feature a cheeky horizontal detailing across the bottom, which is mirrored just above the heel before transitioning to a long contrasting retro seam up the back of the leg. These nude tights are fairly neutral and look fantastic with just about anything, but we particularly like them with our Luna Slinky Wrap Dress for a gorgeously vintage inspired look. But beware, this duo will have every other person you encounter congratulating you on picking out such a darling outfit! 

The Luxury Contrast Back Seam Stripe Tights pair beautifully with our Luna Slinky Wrap Dress

With Ballerina’s Secret having created over 150 different designs, we decided to pick out our absolute favourites. We’d like to think we’ve gotten to know you lovely lot pretty well over the years, so we think you’re going to love what we’ve picked out. These tights have a sensuality to them. They are designed specifically to make the wearer – regardless of her shape, size, or age – feel beautiful and able to embrace her beauty for herself. We can’t stress enough how much we adore this ethos. These are people who have taken a lot of care to define their brand in great detail. With Ballerina’s secret, we’re finding that the devil is in the details in every aspect. All of our styles have the delicate little curiosities that are there for sole enjoyment of their wearer. The Luxury Lurex Decorative Seam Tights feature a detailed pattern across the back which is just a little cheeky. This is echoed at the top of the thigh to give a faux stocking effect, and we see a delicate repeat at the lower calf.  The pretty pattern on these tights is all linked together with lurex embellished sparkling seams of dots that give a really luxe feel to a warm grey toned tight that will stand out on all skin tones. We recommend pairing these with the Veronica Polkadot Teadress and a cosy cardy to easily winter-ify your look and add some vintage glam all at once!

The Veronica Polkadot Teadress looks lovely with these deliciously decorative tights

Oh, and did we mention that all the hosiery from this spectacular brand comes perfumed with a subtle scent? That’s right, there’s no chance your newest pretties will come out of the packaging smelling like plastic! No need to wash them first – just unwrap, put on, and go dominate whatever the day throws your way. We were also pleased when trying this range out to find that there’s no powdery residue on them as you might expect when a scent has been added, so you really can just unwrap styles like our Luxury Lace Top Contrast Seamed Stockings and go! We really love this pair of stockings for their timeless appeal. They feature a deep lace top and a bold black retro seam down the back for that ultimate vintage look – just be sure to get your seams straight! Psst – we’ll be posting a how-to on this soon!

The Luxury Lace Top Contrast Seamed Stockings are a staple piece in a vintage lover's wardrobe

Now we just have to talk about hold-ups. Possibly the greatest invention of all-time. Ok… I may be exaggerating a little there, but at Voluptuous Vintage us Dolls really do appreciate the no-fuss easy wearing that hold-ups offer. Especially when they are just so darned (see what I did there) pretty! Featuring two silicone strips on the upper inside leg for a secure fit, you won't need to constantly stop and readjust these beauties – this is especially helpful for those of us who might have mobility of dexterity issues and find stockings a bit tricky. We know there are a lot of you who prefer stockings though, and you can most definitely wear any of our gorgeous new hold-ups with a suspender belt if you wish for a more secure, genuinely vintage feel. The Luxury Seamed Lace Top Contrast Hold Up Stockings feature those fantastic magical silicone strips and an exquisitely unique pattern in striking berry and black contrast. They feature a classic back seam which elongates the leg, and some additional detailing in black. Then we see a gorgeous lace detail at the top of the seam in a striking berry colour. These hold-ups will easily be the feature of any vintage look you create, and we adore them with the Florence Anchor & Rope Skirt for a nautical-but-nice look which contrasts pink and blue. 

We adore the berry detailing in these contrast top hold-ups

We adore all of the beautiful hosiery from Ballerina’s Secret and have really enjoyed trying them on . These supersoft, durable tights, stockings, and hold-ups pair fabulously with the vintage fashion we stock, be it reproduction or genuine vintage. We’ve named just a few of our faves from this new range here, and you can check out our full range of fancy hosiery online or in-store at our Gosport boutique, where our Dolls will be happy to help you pick out an outfit that will make your figure fabulous!

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