Cosy Looks for Autumn/Winter: From Guy Fawkes Night to Winter Markets

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Bonfire Night has been celebrated ever since 1605, when a conspiracy to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England and VI of Scotland and replace him with a Catholic head of state failed. Not ones to pass up the opportunity to relive someone else’s misfortune (we even cheer in the pub when someone smashes a glass) we Brits have celebrated this failed plot ever since – that’s 416 bonfire nights.

Now, we love those pretty pyrotechnic displays as much as the next person, but we thought we’d also take a minute to acknowledge just how stressful this time of year can be for those of us with furbabies. Dogs, in particular, tend not to enjoy bonfire night – there are a lot of loud noises and bright lights and our furry friends can become very frightened. The PDSA recommends that we try to keep all doors and windows closed with the curtains drawn ideally. They also recommend playing music with a repetitive beat, which they say will help to mask the noise of fireworks going off.

The same goes for those among us who might have a sensory processing difference – just like our furry friends, some of us find loud noises, lots of people, and flashing lights to be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. If you’re planning to enjoy the fireworks with someone who has sensory needs, The National Autistic Society recommends planning in advance, watching from far away to avoid noise and crowds, wearing warm and comfortable clothing, and making sure there’s a good supply of tasty snacks and drinks on hand to act as a distraction. I think we can extend that last one to every day!

But what to wear on our outing to see the fireworks? Well, given that this is a celebration rooted in history, it would be rude not to don our vintage finery for the occasion. We’ve put together a couple of our favourite pieces for all those events we’re off to in the colder months, so you’ll look fabulous at bonfire night and right through all those outdoor winter markets and pop-up skating rinks!

First up, we have the Pauline Spot Maxi Dress. If you are off to watch the fireworks in the freezing cold British weather, then the maxi dress is definitely your friend. We love the gorgeous multicoloured spotty print on the Pauline and how it emanates the colour of bonfire night. Plus, she’s machine washable for when you inevitably spill your hot chocolate if you’re anything like us! The waist ruching is subtle and flattering, plus this baby has pockets and is made from super comfy, stretchy jersey so you don’t have to worry about wrestling it on and off! Pair with some boots for those muddy fields, or, if you’re feeling a little more sophistiqué you can put on a pair of our gorgeous Manhattan Sparkle Luxe heels in gold to sparkle brighter than any firework.

Miss Emily looking fabulous in the Pauline Spot Maxi Dress and Manhattan Sparkle Luxe Heels

Of course, whatever shoes you choose to wear, you’re definitely going to need to layer up. The Gorgeous Grace Gloves in Denim Blue pick out the blue spots on this dress just perfectly. They’re a darling mix of faux suede and glossy faux fur with two feature buttons at the cuff – all the retro vibes! I love a bit of a colour clash and the festivities of bonfire night are the perfect excuse to wear something a little loud. The Peggy Sue Cardigan in Emerald will keep you feeling cosy and looking fantastic. With a darling 1940s shape, and a beautiful new cable knit pattern across the top, this cardigan is made from 100% wool which has been mercerised for longevity and softness against the skin. So you get an instant vintage look without the itching, hooray for that!

Left: the super soft Gorgeous Grace Gloves in Denim Blue (we love the 1960s vibe on these!)
Right: The Peggy Sue Cardigan in Emerald - check out that vintage silhouette!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s just something about anything tartan or check that makes us feel all cosy and, dare I say… wintery. With that in mind I just had to share the Check Library Dress with you. This is a full-skirted dress in a soft-touch cosy fabric that is ideal for the cold weather. With fabulous button detailing to the sleeves and a hidden back zip fastening, this dress is a stunning soft sage colour and features a large vintage mustard plaid throughout. Layer this doozy of a dress is with thick, chunky tights (I’m thinking a knitted mustard colour) for a genuine vintage look. If you’re more of a sheer tights kinda gal, then our new-in Luxury Seamed Tights are the perfect accompaniment to your outfit. In a darling Jet-Black colour, they feature that classic vintage back seam that brings out all the 1950s beauty of the Check Library Dress and won’t snag on your adventure to watch the lights!

If you don’t go for the chunky tights option (or even if you do, actually) be sure to keep your feet warm in a pair of our Powder socks. We love the cutesy designs on these, and the mustard colour on the Delicate Floral Bamboo Ankle Socks is giving us all the autumn vibes. Even if you’re just going to be showing off the gorgeously coloured hem of these pretties, you can do so knowing that your feet won’t get stinky with all that trudging about. They’re made with 65% Bamboo fibre which is extra soft and light naturally antibacterial – it’s better at moisture absorption and breathability than standard Cotton socks. So there. Us Dolls are big fans of these plush, comfy socks and we're sure you will be too.
The gorgeous Delicate Floral Bamboo Socks in all their autumnal glory
I could talk for days about all the spectacular dresses and accessories that will give you an authentic vintage look during the chilly months, but neither of us has forever to talk about vintage fashion (sadly). Winter is all about layers, so I’ll leave you with a one of our favourite vintage-inspired scarves to mull over. The plush Maggie Cosy Tartan Scarf is super soft and deliciously snuggly. There are blue, pink, lilac and mustard tones in the Navy Rose Mix colourway, and some gorgeous orange hues make an appearance in the Damson Mustard Mix colourway. So, there are plenty of colours for you to pick out and match with your favourite outfits, and measuring over 2 metres long, you can wear it in a variety of ways. Get all cosy with this pretty double-wrapped around your neck or wear it as a snuggly shawl to keep the chill off your shoulders.










Possibly the snuggliest scarf I've ever felt - The Maggie Cosy Tartan Scarf

From all of us at Voluptuous Vintage, we hope you enjoy your Bonfire Night celebrations and all the autumn/winter festivities that lie ahead. Wrap up, stay cosy, wear vintage, and pay us a visit in our Gosport boutique if you get the chance!

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