The VV Dolls


(c) Voluptuous Vintage

Miss Alexa is our Buyer, Online Sales Manager and one of our lovely Copywriting Dolls. She has been with the company since conception and is Mrs Darling’s right hand woman. Together they select the collections that we bring you every season, matching accessories and co-ordinating with our authentic vintage line.  She’s epic at putting quirkier outfits together, and is the Queen of quick retorts. She has appeared as a model on our website wearing size Clara and her favourite vintage-inspired brands are Onjenu, Emily & Fin and Alice’s Pig. She prefers animals to humans, especially dogs, and her favourite dinosaur is the Deinonychus.  She sends the best greeting cards.  Ever.



(c) Voluptuous Vintage

Miss Amanda is our other extremely talented Copywriting Doll and assists with our social media.  She’s been with us since Winter 2014. When she’s not writing for us, she is the Creative Director of Tall Blue Starry.  A talented milliner, she feeds creativity and skill into her fabulous company specialising in uniquely crafted headwear and other oddities, some of which you can find right here on our site!  Miss Amanda has also appeared as a model for our website wearing size Dorothy. Her favourite brands are Emily & Fin and Alice’s Pig.  A romantic, daydreaming ball of incredible, Miss Amanda has taken us on some of the best adventures so far!



(c) Voluptuous Vintage

Miss Gill is our Social Media Doll and you will often find her on the end of our Facebook page. She is also a Style Consultant and has been with us since Winter 2014. She loves the VV style and has adopted it into her daily life and is stopped regularly on the streets by people wanting to know where she gets her fabulous outfits!  She has also modelled for the website, being one of our more voluptuous ladies at a size Hedy. Her favourite vintage-inspired brands are Collectif and Hell Bunny. Miss Gill is currently undertaking a BSc in Nursing – where her dark and phenomenal sense of humour keeps her going.  She reads endlessly and has an unhealthly obsession with body noises.


(c) Miss Petra

Miss Petra is our Senior Sales Advisor and Style Consultant at our Alverstoke Branch. She’s been with us since Winter 2015.  She adores the femininity of VV and loves an excuse to embrace getting dolled up! Her favourite brands are Onjenu and Sixton London.  Miss Petra loves frequenting boot sales and has really freaky toes…she can pick up almost any object with them!





Mr D is our Operations Manager, Chief Problem Solver and International Man of Mystery who is particularly camera shy.  We could tell you who he is and what he does, but then we’d have to kill you… So we won’t. But we can tell you he’s a fan of the Authentic Vintage lines, particularly the 80s.



(c) Voluptuous Vintage

Oh, and Mrs Darling likes all the brands, (she did handpick them after all!), but her first love is Authentic Vintage.  Her top faves of the inspired lines are Nancy Mac, Miss Candyfloss and Emmy for their authenticity, PS Besitos for bags and Cristofoli for shoes. She likes pretty old fans, tissue paper and good manners and has a pathological fear of bellybuttons.