Antique Edwardian Lead Crystal Pendant

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Truly stunning Lead Crystal pendant from the Edwardian period. Facet-cut Lead Crystal for maximum light and sparkle, set in a Marcasite pewter holding. The chain is not original to the pendant and is from a little later in the 1920s/Art Deco. It's a link chain with hand engraved markings on each link, giving a rope effect. 

The crystal measures 3/4" or 29mm, and the whole pendant measures 1 3/4" or 45mm. The chain measures 60cm or 23 1/2"

The smallest Marquisette from the pendant is missing but this is only noticeable with a loupe/magnifier. The crystal is in excellent condition with no chips and one *tiny* nibble only viewable using a strong loupe. The chain is also in excellent condition.