Vintage Glass Button Silver Earrings

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We pride ourselves on having a lovely selection of jewellery to really put the cherry on top of your outfit, and so we're very excited to present this new selection of stunning handmade earrings with the most charming, truly vintage connection.

A family business, the mother and daughter team search the world for rare 19th century buttons and authentic vintage glass caches, then lovingly handmake each piece in St Francisville, LA.
Their aim is to create a piece that has a connection with the past that can be worn and passed on for the next generation, which certainly floats our boat!

With a perfect weight and movement when (perfect to catch the light just so, making that glass detail gleam) these exquisitely mounted vintage buttons are all unique; glass buttons were originally molded and painted by hand back then, so whilst the pairs are beautifully matched, there will always be tiny imperfections or very slight variables, and we love them all the more for it!

Those glimmering mounts are beautiful in themselves, so they're eye-catching from the back too, and they're all set on Nickel-free and lead-free brass kidney wire closures.

Drop 1 7/8"