**Luxury Embossed Nude Hold Up Stockings Stockings Ballerina's Secret Nude Small-Medium

Luxury Embossed Nude Hold Up Stockings

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We are beyond delighted to bring you this gorgeously sensual selection of hosiery from Polish brand, Ballerina’s Secret. We are committed to bringing you beautiful vintage inspired fashion which has been made in as ethical a way as possible and this unique selection of hosiery definitely fits the bill. This fancy range are made from durable, soft Lycra in an Italian factory which has been operating for over 100 years and are produced from hand-drawn designs created in Poland. This whole process means that this gorgeous hosiery doesn’t travel halfway across the world only to be put on and laddered within 10 minutes – needless to say we love anything that slows fashion down so that we can enjoy our pretties that little bit longer!

Ballerina’s Secret ethos is refreshingly straightforward: beautiful tights and stockings for women of all ages and sizes.

These beauties are crafted using a blend of Lycra and microfiber which gives a striking visual appearance and super soft comfort for an all-day wear that feels barely-there. Featuring two silicone strips on the upper inside leg for a secure fit, you won't need to constantly stop and readjust your stockings. Although you could also wear these with a suspender belt if you wished!

With Ballerina’s secret the devil really is in the details – A little more subtle than some of the other designs but still very elegant and special! Contrast detailing at the top underneath the deep lace band, and a coordinating design on the side calf.

Oh, and did we mention that that all the hosiery from this sensual brand comes perfumed with a subtle scent? That’s right, there’s no chance your newest pretties will smell like plastic! No need to wash them first – just unwrap, put on, and go dominate whatever the day throws your way.

COMPOSITION - 82% polyamide, 18% Elastane

CARE - Delicate hand wash