1950s Kramer Leaf & Pearl Brooch Signed 'Golden Look' Collection

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Gold plated Fern Leaf brooch by Kramer of New York circa 1950s with a feature simulated pearl. The signature stamp of 'KRAMER' is on the rear of the brooch, and it fastens with a roll over secure clasp.
Part of the 'Golden Look' collection, this was fine jewellery that was gold plated.

There is some rub on the gold plate, but otherwise very good condition. 

Measures 5cm x 3cm.

 Note Of Interest

Since 1943, the Kramer brand remains renowned for its stellar quality and beguiling designs. From its inception in New York City, Kramer Jewelry Creations has been the source of some of fashion's most captivating stories, including their exclusive designs for none other than Christian Dior.  The most exquisite and artful costume Kramer pieces were masterpieces. Today, finding vintage Kramer jewelry is a rare feat! Kramer created glorious works of art. The couture featured the highest quality Austrian rhinestones and crystals, in both translucent and vivid hues, as well as gilded metals with black enamel, faux pearls, simulated jewels and pearls.

Kramer Jewelry Creations collections, from modest accents to luxuriously showy pieces, were made of the finest materials. During the '50s, "Golden Look" was created with gold plating, and "Diamond Look" was made from silver plate in the '60s. Every design was unique and elegant; more expensive Kramer pieces bore stamps, while the less expensive items had paper labels with Kramer's name. From 1943, Kramer stamped their jewelry with their logo, and by 1948, it included KRAMER PAT.PEND. High-end designs included "KRAMER," "KRAMER of NEW YORK," "KRAMER OF N.Y.," and "KRAMER NEW YORK." Now scarce, vintage Kramer jewelry is highly sought-after as a collector's prized opulence.