Hardford Frocks Tafetta Dress

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Circa 1960s

A stunning dress from Hardford Frocks made from a sharkskin tafetta fabric in a stunning claret colour. Although we've aged this as 60s origin there is a lot more about the style and cut of this dress that is 1940s. Only the faceted black buttons give it away as later. Very glamourous in a rare larger size.


Annoyingly there was a small nick on the hem of the dress that looks like it had been caught on something. Without this nick, the dress would be in perfect condition. It can be easilty hidden by taking the hem of the dress up by one inch. We haven't done this as some collectors prefer items untouched if the repair required is minor. If you would like our seamstresses to do this for you, we will provide this service free of charge, Just let us know.


All vintage clothing is measured with the garment flat and measurements doubled for width. Please compare these measurements to a garment that fits you well as often there is very little or no give in vintage fabrics.
Bust - 50"
Waist - 39.5"
Hips - 50"
Our model, Miss Ruby Rebelle, normally wears a VV size Hedy.