FINAL SALE Erika Metallic Wedges, Size 42

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All items in our Whoopsy section are being sold at heavily reduced prices and as such as sold as seen and are non-returnable as faults are clearly declared

FAULT DETAIL: Mark from marker that has bled from sale sticker onto insole of right shoe 

Fabulous retro wedges that will match almost any era with a silver repitle finished upper and wedge rising to 5.5cm at highest point.

Caprice say their shoes are "walking on air" and it's a claim we can fully endorse here at VVHQ. The Dolls are going mad for this brand because of their distinct vintage appeal but incredible comfort with a patented onair insole and patented shock abosrbing heel in all their models. Try a pair - we promise they will quickly become staples in your shoe wardrobe!

COMPOSITION - Upper: 100% Leather , Lining: 100% Leather , Inner Sole: 100% Leather, Outer Sole: Other Material

CARE - Spot Clean