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Earring Conversion Service

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For those of us with pierced ears, it can be quite frustrating finding a darling pair of vintage sparklers to adorn our lobes and then discovering they're clip fasteners rather than pierced.

Rather than grit your teeth through an evening of wearing clip-ons when you're not used to them, why not take advantage of our new service and have them carefully converted to stud posts by us?

Choose from stainless steel or sterling silver posts, and enjoy being able to flaunt your vintage pretties in comfort. Magical!

(And of course; for those of you who only wear clip-on earrings, we can offer this service in reverse if you've got your eye on a pair of our earrings that are for pierced ears, and wave our wand to convert to stainless steel clips!)

Simply add this service alongside your chosen earrings and we'll do the rest.