FINAL SALE Ramona Kat Swing Dress, Size Faye

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All items in our Whoopsy section are being sold at heavily reduced prices and as such are sold as seen and are non-returnable as faults are clearly declared.

Oh so darling! This stunning swing dress from our friends at Miss Candyfloss is a gorgeous slightly stretchy light floral material in a dreamy teal colour that will take you all the way through the seasons, topped with buttery gold yellow shoulder straps - which are adjustable - and a tie belt that can either just tie in a large back bow, or wrap around the front waist and create a real cinch.
The chic squared neckline is marvellously retro, and of course there are pockets in those side seams,
Can be worn without a petticoat, but why not pop one of our yellow or teal numbers underneath for a real vintage volume boost?

Fault Detail - Very slight fading to yellow straps at underarm.

COMPOSITION - 95% Polyester 5% Spandex

CARE - Hand wash cool