1960s Mulberry Ombré Feather Hatband

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This hat band is SO unbelievably luxe and rich in depth and tone, it's one of the most exquisite we've ever seen.

From the very early 1960s, this band was made in England and is one of the first to have a flexible, curved, rolling headband rather than a stiff fixed base which makes it so comfortable to wear and very easy to reposition to suit your face shape.

The feathers are incredibly textured in tones of plum and mulberry, sweeping across the face for ultimate drama.  Liza Minelli eat your heart out!
Worn traditionally as a hatband but could also be used curled on top of the head as a hat/hair extension (see the second vid for idea).

A truly beautiful, immaculate piece.

Length of band is approx 35cm with a further extension of approx 10cm feather overlay. The width of the band structure is approx 3cm and width of whole band is approx 14cm at widest point.