40s Style Turban

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We've not had any turbans in for a few seasons, and it's time to change that; they're so useful for tricky hair days where you still want a vintage style; just focus on the fringe part of your hair or pin some curls up at the very front of your head in a messy "poodle" style quiff.

The padded twist at the front adds a little height to make the look elegant and suit more faces, and the very back has a strip of integrated elastic for a secure fit. (Please note this turban is designed to be a head-shaped fit so won't work very well to cover bulky curlers if you're planning to set your hair and cover it to leave for your event)

Based on an original vintage pattern, this is a truly 1940s style headpiece to give hair a break from heat styling, and has about 1.5" of stretch in the heavy crepe fabric.

Made in EU