New Charity Partner!

Posted April 16th 2017 | Posted by Miss Alexa

As you may be aware, we have a specific charity partner every tax year, and are pleased to announce that we’ve chosen our new charity for year 2017-2018.

The Cinnamon Trust are a hugely vital lifeline for the elderly and the terminally ill in being able to protect and preserve the bond between an owner and their beloved pet by enabling a network of volunteers to assist with extra dog walks, delivering cat food, or even temporary fostering during a hospital stay – which in turn leads to happier and healthier humans, who can continue to benefit from the comfort and company of their very best friend, and also means less potential upheaval for the pet.


Click the banner below to visit their website and find out about all the wonderful things they do to support pet owners:



(Anyone who feels they might be a suitable dog-walking volunteer should check out the interactive UK Map on the Cinnamon Trust website, as they have frequently updated walking requests.)

As pet owners and animal lovers, we know very well just how much we benefit from having our furry companions around to love and talk absolute nonsense to, and even whisper secrets into their sleeping ears. The idea of having to give up that much-loved family member due to a hospital stay or becoming more housebound is quite painful, so we’re very keen to help raise awareness and funds for Cinnamon over the next year – and hope you’ll help us too!

As you may already know, our handmade Charity Hair Flowers are always available in the boutique and online, and 25% goes straight to our Charity Partner. We’ll also be exploring special events and flash sales over the year, so keep your eyes peeled if you think you’d be interested in buying beautiful things and doing a good deed at the same time. Of course you are!