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We’re delighted to launch our new service “Yes, it has pockets!”

Have you bought a dress from us (or a skirt!) that is just about perfect except that it’s just not got those all-important pockets?

Well now you can add them! Read on for a little potted history of pockets and some more information about our awesome new alteration service.

How indeed are we meant to carry our frog and worms without pockets?

Back in the 17th and 18th Centuries, Women’s clothing did have pockets, but they were more like a handbag, resembling a pouch or two pouches that tied around the waist, sitting underneath the petticoats and the overskirt of large dresses, and accessible through splits in the side seams.

These pockets were handmade and often custom made to a lady’s outfit, and given as a gift. They were large enough to carry a reasonable amount of money, a small bottle (we’re thinking gin!) and various trinkets or snuff boxes. It did however leave them susceptible to the ‘pick pockets’ who mastered cutting the ties of the pockets and making off with the pouches, sometimes leaving a lady unable to chase after the thief due to holding up a torn petticoat!

As dress shapes became more fluid and close to the body, these tie pockets were no longer convenient to wear, and ladies had to briefly resort to a small bag – the hassle! – until the mid-19th Century when women began to sew pockets into the seams and waistlines of skirts and dresses.

Once the World Wars came around pockets were back in fashion with a vengeance – Utilitarian clothing was an essential for working women, and despite an outcry from some men, women were embracing both pockets and trousers.

But! After the wars were over and fashion started exploring the less practical and more extreme feminine silhouette, pockets were not only on the back burner, but were almost unheard of.  The obsession with sleek, narrow lines meant that there was no place for the humble pocket, so back came the shackles of the handbag. Christian Dior was even quoted in 1954 as saying “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.”


The more languid, flared lines of the 70s and early 90s briefly allowed pockets a moment of fame again, but the rise of the designer handbag fashion allowed designers to keep pockets either minimal in size or non-existent, just about up until the last few years.

Now pockets are here to stay, and many are even large enough to practically hold your phone and cards/coin purse.  (They’re still working on jeans, but it’s a slowly growing movement!)

So what about our pockets? And where does our new service come in?

We all know the delight of finding our dream dress also has pockets; it’s become a pop culture reference and meme to exclaim with delight that “it has pockets!” in response to a compliment about the dress.

Mrs Darling and Miss Alexa have always made a point of ensuring a good selection of pockets in the items we buy for the coming seasons, but sometimes the dress is just so adorable that we agree to buy it even though it lacks pockets. Which was always a bit of a minus point. But not any more!

Most swing/semi-full/flared skirt styles are eligible, and if the item is a side-zip dress or skirt, we can only do the one pocket – but if you’re not sure then just drop us a line.

Available to book either in-store, or you can contact the boutique and send your dress to us (just drop us a line beforehand to check it’s one we can alter for you) and we’ll post it back to you with its new pocket-y perfection!

We thought we’d have flying cars by now, but let’s be honest, this is a pretty good alternative…

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