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You lovely lot seem to lavish the knits from Swedish company Emmy, so we decided to stock up on some seasonal favourites for you to enjoy. For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Emmy, they are a small, family run business based in Sweden who prioritise ‘feminine, high-quality clothing for women of all shapes and ages’. Emmy’s founder, Emmy Nilsson, graduated from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design in 2010 and has dedicated her time to producing easy-to-wear vintage inspired fashion items with a quality that aims to ‘slow down the pace of the fashion industry’ by producing smaller batches of higher quality clothing that will last for years to come. We thought we’d talk you through a few of our favourite knitted beauties.

Now, we’re sure you’re thinking ‘ok, that all sounds great, but why are these particular knits so special?’. Well, our lovely lovers of vintage fashion, let us explain. Not only are Emmy an adorable 4-person wonder crew with all the good intentions for the planet, but their production techniques are aimed at getting the best out of the materials they use. Gorgeous garments like the Delightful Daytime cardigan are crafted using mercerised wool. Mercerising is a process by which textiles, like cotton and wool, are made stronger and more receptive to dye by way of treating them with an alkali. This means that they tend to have very vibrant colours which don’t fade as much as untreated wool and cotton when washing. What’s more is that this process also gives the fibres a silky smooth sheen, making garments produced from them super soft, luxurious, knits that feel delicate but are resistant to the wears and tears of daily life. The Delightful Daytime is available in Ivory, Red, and Navy. We just love the Delightful Daytime Cardigan with our Sea Breeze Stripe Sun Dress (also from Emmy), but it’ll look great with your favourite pair of trousers, too!

Ok, so we know that Emmy are committed to garments that will last, they describe their take on vintage fashion as ‘inspired by classy looks of times gone by, but fit for today with stretchy materials and clever pockets’. We know we’re here to talk about cardigans, but we just couldn’t go another second without mentioning that the lovely folks over at Emmy include pockets on most of their dress designs. It’s a game changer and we love that you can dress to impress and also have somewhere to stash your phone on-the-go. Anyways, back to the knitwear! Emmy prioritise feeling great, and they embrace that all bodies are different. Their dress and trouser designs usually come in around 10 different sizes which, fun fact, are often modelled by company founder, Emmy. These are clothes that Emmy designed with herself and other women like her in mind. They are not a one-size-fits-all, but they are made for all bodies and that couldn’t fit our own ethos any better. Our range of Emmy knits are sized on a Small, Medium, Large scale and each accommodates more than one of our sizes depending on the fit you require, but the sizes available will fit all bodies, from an Audrey to a Judy! (psst, If you’re not already up to speed on our sizing and ethos, you can catch up here). We love the versatility that this offers as you can size down for a more figure-hugging, pin up sort of look, and up for a looser fit all whilst never worrying that these pretties will be scratchy or uncomfortable!

We know that buying authentic vintage clothing might be out of the question for some people - that’s a problem we want to solve, but we’ll save that for another day, and another blog post! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be able to live out our vintage fashion dreams. Knits like the Peggy Sue Cardigan give you a vintage look without all the bother of lighting some incense and consulting your spirit guide about the best way to remove that ketchup stain on your one-of-a-kind handmade 1940s blouse. Instead, the Peggy Sue Cardigan comes in to save the day. With a darling ‘40s silhouette and in a delicate lace knit that is anything but frumpy, this cardigan is delightfully light and airy. Whilst it’s perfect for those cold wintery days (all 364 of them if you live in the UK), it’s breathable even in warm weather. It’s always nice to know that you have a versatile piece you can take on holiday with you for those chilly evenings drinking Sangria. That mercerising strikes again, too – your cardi will stay fresher for longer and, thanks to that handy science-y treatment process, you can wash it in the machine using the wool setting. So, there’s absolutely no need to dry-clean, phew! The Peggy Sue Cardigan comes in a vibrant Purple and a dazzling Emerald Green that will have you looking polished, poised, and ready to dance when paired with our Tessa 40s Swing Pants

The Peggy Sue Cardigan in Emerald (left) and the Tessa 40s Swing Pants (right)

The Ice Skater Cardigan has been a firm favourite amongst both our dolls and our customers and, much to us dolls' dismay, flies off the rails when before any of us get a look-in! It features an authentic cable knit crafted from a lavishly heavy yarn which is silky soft and super cosy. This cardigan is carefully tailored at the waist to give a truly vintage silhouette that will suit a variety of eras and looks. We love this knit with both trousers and dresses and there are just so many ways to style it, from wearing it over an outfit, to wearing it buttoned as a knitted blouse. We love it so much we picked out some all-new colours for you this season that are just perfect for layering up with your favourite vintage outfit or pair of jeans. They are:

Chocolate: We just love the warmth of this colour and think it pairs perfectly with the Daisy Plaid Swing Dress for a super cosy look that will take you through autumn and winter.

The Ice Skater Cardigan in Chocolate (left) and the Daisy Plaid Swing Dress (right)

Royal Blue: This is a bold colour, and we think it needs a bold accompaniment. Pair with the Rosie Daisy Swing Dress for some bold pink on blue loveliness. Alternatively, try this beauty tucked into the Irene forties Skirt for a strong colour contrast that will be sure to turn heads!

The Ice Skater Cardigan in Royal Blue (left) and Miss Sam wearing the Rosie Daisy Swing Dress (right)

Oat Melange: The warm neutral tone of this cardigan makes it perfect for pairing with…well, anything! For a sophisticated autumn/winter look, try pairing this pretty with the Bonnie Full Circle skirt in Green - it looks pretty good with the Blue colourway too!

The Ice Skater Cardigan in Oat Melange (left) and the Bonnie Full Circle Skirt (right)

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this sharp Swedish brand with some truly vintage values at its heart. We also hope you’ll pop in-store to try on the fabulous knits featured here!

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