Victorian & Celtic Style Pendant with Semi-Precious Stones

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For this one we're handing you straight over to our vintage expert Mrs Darling, as she had a lot to say about it!

"Really tricky this one! Very Victorian in style and the engraving on the pendant is definitely done by hand. The four stones are inlayed flush and are neither equidistant or uniform in size, which would suggest an older piece. I am pretty sure the necklace chain is rolled gold. However, I am not sure about the pendant. It's most likely gold plated as some of gold seems to be rubbed on the back and it's a silver tone - though it could also be rolled gold. But I have no idea what the base metal is. I am pretty sure it's not silver as it's very heavy.
The stones are semi-precious: the bottom one is definitely Turquoise, the top one could be Obsidian or Jet Agate.
Left one I am near certain is Jade, and the right one is either Jasper or Carnelian (best guess Carnelian)
The chain looks Victorian, the scroll feather work is definitely very Victorian, but the stones and setting are very Celtic!

My best guess is 1930s, but it could be earlier, and it's certainly no later than that."

What an incredible piece; it could well have been in existance for a century, and worn as vintage before now!

Chain is 18", and the pendant is 2.2cm x 2.6cm