Voluptuous Vintage's Enamel Strawberry Brooch By Fable England - a classic, realistic looking strawberry with rose gold pips.

Enamel Strawberry Brooch

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Here's another hand-painted enamel and gold plated beauty from new brand Fable England, who we're big fans of due to their open commitment to offsetting production emissions and reducing single use plastic waste in their operations. They proactively seek sustainable materials for their collections, and are a company with similar environmental values to our own.
But we also love that their gorgeous pieces always tell a tale through their designs, and they make intricate jewellery that's made to last. You can guarantee people will comment on your accessories when you pop one of these whimsies into your outfit!

This sweet and succulent strawberry looks good enough to eat, thanks to that lush detailed enamel and rose-gold plating peeping through beautifully.

Presented in a darling little gift box and perfect with our Palava Vera Cardigan