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Whilst we shouldn’t have to really address this, given that it is 2018 and we’ve sent people to the Moon before; it never hurts to be crystal clear about things that people in some corners of the internet get their knickers in a twist about…

At Voluptuous Vintage we are passionate about helping YOU feel your best, and that absolutely applies to gals, ladies, women, and people of any gender who would just like to wear the particular styles and ranges of items we sell.

We’ve been honoured to assist several beautiful gals of all ages to find flattering, quality clothes before, during, and after their transitions, and our Dolls apply their usual keen eye, sizing assistance, and honest opinions to all lovely folk who come in to try things on.

We do appreciate that for some people, shopping in a public boutique can be a little (or hugely!) daunting, especially if you’ve not long begun your transition journey, or have only just started exploring the world of dressing in women’s fashion, especially our vintage styles, so we wanted to make sure everyone knows that they are most welcome to visit us and shop for beautiful things, free from judgement and in a safe space.

However, if you feel especially anxious or nervous about visiting during our opening hours, we’re proud to also be able to offer private shopping by appointment (in our Alverstoke Boutique in Gosport – accessible by a short ferry trip from Portsmouth Harbour station, or easily accessed by car from the M27 from Southampton or Portsmouth) if you feel this would be beneficial for you: one of our style advisor Dolls, or Mrs Darling herself, can book some time outside of the usual opening hours for you to explore the boutique and try things on, with no judgement or pressure: apart from a gentle but honest feedback if something doesn’t seem to work for your shape or skin tone, of course!

Our gorgeous fitting room has plenty of space and a huge mirror, as well as a robe to pop on if you find yourself needing another browse in the middle of trying something else on. We’ve a darling powder room for customer use, so no worries about that cup of tea we offer you cutting your visit short because you need the loo!

Our Dolls can also offer advice on how to care for and store items that might not be worn frequently, or might need to be hidden away for any reason, and will be able to advise you on your VV size – which means you can then order that size from us online, (if your initial visit to us is a special trip, or you are not able to make it back in for some time) as we measure each item that comes in from all our brands, to standardise the sizing to Voluptuous Vintage sizing. If you are an Esther, then just about all Esther sized items will fit you, regardless of make or fabric. It takes that online guesswork out!

We look forwards to welcoming you in the boutique soon, and if you are interested in privately shopping for whatever reason, please do get in touch either via our Facebook page or emailing sales (at) voluptuous vintage.com

(Private appointments can be arranged for all manner of other reasons too, so please just get in touch to enquire if you feel they might help with anxiety, agoraphobia, autism, or just plain time-strapped reasons that might see you needing a dress on a Monday afternoon when we’re closed. Believe us, it’s happened!)

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