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Many of us are currently working our way through altered schedules, changes to both work and home life, and finding a new “normality” in the midst of everything.

There’s no set appropriate response to any of this; it’s new territory, affecting everyone in differently challenging ways.

We’d been planning to write about an element of this blog post for some time, as we’ve personally found that it helps our own health and wellbeing, and it might make a difference for you or someone you know too. (Equally it might be the completely last thing on your mind, and that is more than understandable!)

Despite being a tiny team here at VV, more than one of our Dolls lives with a long-term chronic illness, and, as such, we’re familiar with bed days and not feeling especially tip top.

It’s both easy (and absolutely fine) to want to veg out on the sofa or in bed in an old T-shirt or similar. However we’ve found that sometimes being able to just add a little element of glamour or style can make a positive difference to your mood, which is why we’re so pleased to have our range of luxurious dressing gowns.

Our gossamer soft printed robes are really popular for being both gorgeous to the touch and eye-catching. But also there’s something to be said for being able to slip something so light and soft on when your whole body aches, and just feeling a little more “put together” in that action.
(And, of course, lounging in bed in a decadent gown – even if we’re barely able to move and haven’t brushed our hair for two days – does just briefly make us feel like a screen siren in her boudoir. And that in turn lifts our spirits a little.)

Even if you’re not confined to bed, the light gown moves so beautifully you’ll find it feeds in to the way you move around the house. You might just be doing mundane tasks, but feeling special and poised whilst doing that can give you a little boost.

Explore our loungewear here

Of course, you might find that getting dressed is a crucial “normality” anchor for you whether you’re a bit under the weather or if you’re navigating more time at home.
As much as we’ve been applauding our social media sharing of having a day a week where you dress up in some of your VV pretties, even with nowhere fancy to go to (we’ve had someone trimming the hedge in a gorgeous skirt and cardigan set – check out our posts for more, and join in with the fun if you like!) you might want to feel glam but still super comfortable, and that’s where our jumpsuits really step up. Our silky jersey jumpsuits are flattering, stretchy and comfortable, but also give you that feeling of 70s, languid glamour, even if you’re just changing a lightbulb or hosing down the dog in them. (They’re also machine washable 😉 )

Shop jumpsuits here

And of course, the easiest way to add a pop of glamour or colour to your day is with accessories. We’ve some stunning new scarves that are perfect to pop over your shoulders if you’re out in the garden or on the balcony, and our new summer sunglasses are seriously gorgeous. We’ve also added some special new wide headbands to easily sort out those awkward hair days and possibly disguise any roots if you wish. they’ve got the most exquisite embroidered detailing on the outside, and a soft lining. 

We hope all our wonderful customers are staying safe and well at this time, and we really look forwards to welcoming you back in the shop.

Until then, we’re available for web shopping and mail order – currently just confined to the UK, but please check in with us on social media regarding non-UK postage as this is a changing situation – and are able to send your order as a gift to a friend stuck indoors, just get in touch with us to arrange this.



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